Power of Attorney

How does my Will fit into all of this?

Your Will only takes effect upon your death, while your Powers of Attorney take effect during your lifetime. It is a good idea to have your Will and Powers of Attorney prepared together and stored together so that the transition between incapacity and death is seamless. These documents are important [...]

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Can I revoke my Power of Attorney?

Yes, but the revocation must be done in writing and executed in the same way as a continuing power of attorney.  After the revocation form has been executed, you must notify all persons/corporations who were served with the power of attorney and all persons/corporation who might act upon the instructions [...]

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When does my Power of Attorney take effect?

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care becomes effective when a qualified assessor, appointed by the provincial government, confirms that the donor (person appointing an attorney) is incapable of making personal care decisions. A Power of Attorney for Property takes effect immediately.

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