Being named the Executor of a Will can be very overwhelming. Even when you are related to the deceased and were closely involved in that person’s life, dealing with the different aspects of the Estate can be challenging, especially, when you are grieving the passing of your loved-one. Not only are their tax and banking forms to complete, but there are many third parties who need to be notified, such as Canada Post for mail re-routing and Service Canada for cancelling the social insurance card. To assist Executors throughout this time, we have prepared an executor’s checklist for our clients. Executors can use this checklist as a guideline for who they should contact, and the forms that should be filled out and when. Click here for the Executor’s Checklist.

For clients who have recently had their Wills drafted, we have an Estate Information Document which will help Executors find important documents and provide them with the contact names and telephone numbers for your professional consultants. We recommend that clients print the Estate Information Document, complete it and keep it with their Wills for the Executor. Click here for the Estate Information Document.