Have you been appointed executor recently, feeling overwhelmed? We can help!

Some of the duties that we can assist you in are as follows:

  • Advise family members that you are the executor
  • Advise any designated beneficiaries of the death. Give residuary beneficiaries of the estate a copy of the will.
  • Notify the deceased’s bank and/or financial advisor, and request date of death information about all accounts.
  • Contact any insurance companies that held life insurance policies on the deceased and ask for confirmation of policy amounts and beneficiary designations.
  • Cancel the deceased’s credit cards.
  • Notify OAS or CPP programs and any private pension providers of the death.
  • Cancel passport, driver’s license and all other ID
  • Notify Canada Revenue Agency of the death.
  • Apply for the CPP death benefit.
  • Determine whether you wish to place a newspaper advertisement for creditors and claimants.
  • Prepare Releases for the beneficiaries to sign (this is not required by law but most executors prefers to have signed Releases).


Contact our office for a fee quote or email us at mail@jacquesrobert.com.