Does a spouse automatically inherit everything in Ontario?

If you are legally married to your spouse and have no will in place they are entitled to receive the first $200,000.00 and a portion thereafter depending on how many children you have. If you have no children your spouse will inherit your entire estate. Your personal items will be [...]

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A legal change on Jan. 1 will affect couples who marry and their wills.

Written by: NANCY WOODS AND NICK ESTERBAUER SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL   Once upon a time, John Doe married Mary Smith. They eventually had two children, Bobby and Susie. They were married for 20 years, and built a life together. They had a house, two cars and a dog, Rover. [...]

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How to prepare an Estate Plan

Follow some of these easy steps to start your estate planning today: Gather your financial information: Gather all of your financial information, including bank accounts, investments, and property. Choose your beneficiaries: Decide who you want to receive your assets after you pass away. Select an executor: Choose someone you trust [...]

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Banks vs Brokers: which is better?

An article written by Claire Wilson. As B.C. homebuyers continue to navigate the real estate market in an inflationary environment marked by rate hikes and volatility, finding a good mortgage rate is an essential part of the homebuying process. There are two main options for buyers when looking for an [...]

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Importance of a WILL

A Will is an important legal document that allows a person to determine what happens to their assets and possessions once they pass away. It allows a person to designate who will receive their property and other assets, as well as who will be responsible for administering their estate and [...]

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Estates News

Congratulations to Gabrielle Robert, she has recently obtained her Certified Executor Advisor designation through the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors.  We wish her continued success.  Visit our website at to view her complete bio!

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