Over the past few years, our office has been involved with donating and fundraising for various charities  throughout the city. Each year, we choose a different charity that resonates with our families, friends,  clients and colleagues.  Previously, we have donated to some amazing causes such as CHEO and Dreams Take Flight.

We are happy to announce that this year, we have chosen the “Crohn’s MAP Vaccine”. We have a personal connection to this cause as it has affected a few of our families and friends. This disease is on the rise especially here in Canada.  Our contributions will support the trial of the vaccination that  can potentially be the cure to Crohn’s.  Essentially a viable treatment can be sitting in a lab due to lack of funding.

Our campaign is simple, for every donation a client makes throughout the year, Jacques Robert will match it. Here’s hoping to eradicating this horrible and dehabilitating disease.

Please visit their website at crohnsmapvaccine.com for further information and also the following links;